Our principals and extended team are experts in their respective fields and specialties — executive compensation, sales compensation, market analysis and many other areas of pay and performance — but we have come to understand that one of the areas in which we also add real value is project planning and management. We are very good at developing workable project plans and leading projects to successful conclusion.

In some instances our clients’ staff are technically strong and fully capable of designing a new broad-based compensation system but they lack the tools and resources as well as may not have the time luxury to singularly focus on one project. While we can’t fix the fact that they have to face several projects at once, we can provide a tool. Below we provide a generic project plan that is an abbreviated amalgam of our broad-based compensation program redesign projects for your future use and planning.

Generic Broad-based Program Redesign Project Plan


It is important to keep in mind that this project plan is fairly general and does not incorporate the nuance presented to any specific project. It also lacks definition of who is responsible for task completion and expected completion timing.

If you would like this plan (with columns for task responsibility and completion timing) in Microsoft Excel format, please contact us.

About RSC Advisory Group

RSC Advisory Group, LLC is a management advisory and consulting firm specializing in pay and performance. The RSC team is comprised of long-time senior advisors and technical specialists who work with clients across the United States. We employ a client-centric approach to help clients in several compensation areas:

  • Board & Executive Total Compensation
  • Employee Pay & Total Rewards
  • Sales Compensation
  • Global Remuneration
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