Our Work

Our compensation consulting work has spanned all sizes of public and private corporations and not-for-profit organizations across several market sectors. While RSC is able to work with public and private companies in virtually any industry or market sector., we do have distinctive experience with companies in specific industries or other business/customer niches. Our industry knowledge includes biotechnology, consumer products, DoD contractors, hospitality, manufacturing, technology products, and technology/research services among others.

RSC's experience in the not-for-profit sector certainly includes healthcare delivery, education and government, but we also maintain more targeted expertise among several not-for-profit sectors. These sectors include national and international trade and professional associations, scientific societies, health and social welfare societies, policy research organizations, medical research organizations, international NGOs and foundations.

Regardless of the client, our goal is the same - listen to their needs, craft the right solutions, execute efficiently and exceptionally.  Here are a few of the organizations we have helped with their compensation needs.

We welcome your interest in the clients we help succeed and would be happy to provide you with more detail about our client experience as it relates to your specific needs. Please contact us to learn more.