RSC reviewed several sources of 2020 pay planning information and compiled the summary statistics we believe are most relevant and helpful. Our findings indicate that projections for 2020 are consistent with actual results over the past several years — average total salary increase budgets are projected to be around 3.2%.

More specifically, WorldatWork reports an average projected total salary increase of 3.2% to 3.3% across employee types.

2020 united states salary increase projections


Researchers other than WorldatWork also report an expected 3.1% to 3.3% salary increase budget for 2019 across U.S. market sectors.

2020 united states salary increase projections by market sector


Outside the U.S., research suggests that 2020 salary increase projections will be similar to actual increases in 2019 among major labor markets. As presented in the table below, there is significant variance in projections by country particularly in Asia.

2020 international salary increase projections

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