What We Do

We help clients build and optimize their people resources through their compensation strategy, compensation program design and rewards communication. Our areas of expertise include:

Board & Executive Compensation

We are independent advisors that focus on helping clients manage performance and compensation in today’s legal and regulatory environment. Services include:

  • Total compensation studies
  • Cash and equity incentive plans
  • Intermediate sanctions compliance

Broad-Based Employee Pay

The way an organization pays its people is the most sincere message of what the organization really values. We help define successful performance and create talent and reward systems that motivate and engage employees to perform. Services include:

  • Performance and reward strategy
  • Benchmarking and market analysis
  • Base pay program design
  • Cash and equity incentive plans

Sales Compensation

Your sales team is the driving force of your top‐line growth and, increasingly, your overall profitability. We help clients translate their sales needs into actionable and measurable sales compensation plans which fit their particular sales environment.  Services include:

  • Role analysis and design
  • Total compensation studies
  • Commission/incentive plans
  • Cost‐of‐sales analysis

Global Remuneration

Global service delivery and international competition require employee mobility and global performance standards.  We develop world-wide pay strategies and local country data and programs so that clients can attract, retain and engage talent where they are located.

Surveys & Research

Unlike any other area of HR, the compensation discipline requires an in-depth knowledge about markets, how they pay and the pressures within them. We work with clients to design and conduct original research studies on best practice, plan design, compensation element and compensation levels.